Los Angeles Charter School Under Fire For Abusing Unvaxxed Students, Forced to Sit on Floor, Segregated, Not Allowed to Use Bathroom

Posted on January 19,2022
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A Los Angeles public charter school is being called out by a civic organization for ‘segregating’ unvaccinated children behind barriers. Let Them Breathe, an activist group that monitors Covid response policies showed videos of the callous practices and interviewed witnesses near the school. “Unvax students at New West Charter LA segregated behind barriers & not allowed to attend class,’ Let Them Breathe reported. “They asked for chairs, were denied & are sitting on the pavement, not allowed to even use restroom. LAPD is on site but not intervening. Litigation from Let Them Choose already pending.” The executive director Sharon Weir, in an update, threatened the children with suspension over the purported “disruption” they were causing. She instructed the children and parents to leave the campus immediately. “New West Charter is now threatening to suspend peaceful unvax students who are in parking lot for ‘disrupting school activities’ even though LAUSD suspended mandate and we beat SDUSD mandate,” the group said. “Let Them Choose has litigation pending against New West mandate.” The L.A. police department appeared unconcerned with the children’s rights being violated. “Do not cross this line,” the officer in the video says. The unvaccinated children had been put behind yellow caution tape outside.



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