Massive Brawl Breaks out Between Families at Disney World, One Person Hospitalized

Posted on July 22,2022
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A massive brawl erupted at Disney World after two families got into an argument while waiting in line, sparking a fracas that landed at least one man in the hospital. The saga kicked off in the Orlando, Florida, theme park’s Magic Kingdom, where two families were standing in line for a performance at Mickey’s PhilharMagic theatre, according to multiple reports. One family member left the line to retrieve her phone, which she accidentally left on her electric conveyance vehicle, according to Disney World blog “Walt Disney World News Today.” When she tried to rejoin her group, another family, all dressed identically in red shorts and white T-shirts, tried to block her from regaining her spot, the blog said. The blog reported that the two families confronted each other at the theater’s exit, with a member of the girl’s family saying to the red shorts clan: “We don’t appreciate you guys pushing my younger sister.” A shouting match ensued, with both groups hurling profanities even as they gradually stepped closer to each other, eventually triggering a massive, Jerry Springer-style brawl that spilled onto the street outside the theater. One man involved in the scrap was taken away in an ambulance due to a large cut on his chin, the blog reported. Other family members had minor cuts and bruises.



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