Illegal Migrants Hate Us, but this One Wouldn't Last Long in my Neighborhood

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There is no place for this man in a civil society.

We cannot continue to allow this type of behavior.
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0 +1 Viletree 3 weeks ago

«It's amazing to see them developing the first steps towards using tools.»

0 +1 Hangthatfucker 3 weeks ago

«That's why the founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they gave us the second amendment»

8 +1 farvelvane 2 months ago

«just one more year and these creatures will be back to naggerland where they belong.»

1 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 2 months ago

«@farvelvane performing voodoo rituals and sacrifcing kids.. or whatever it is they do beside stick giant discs in they ear and face»

15 +1 prince of trolls 2 months ago

«It's beyond my comprehension to arrive in a foreign country dressed poorly and carry the entitlement this man displays and destroy property. To boldly challenge those who are native to the land. I'd love to smack this mother fucker into the middle of next week.

"You people will never understand how it works out here. You're just a visitor, but you think you're at home. Well, let me tell you something, partner, you ain't home" - from the movie "Casino" (1995).

19 +1 UKpitbull 2 months ago

«Where's a Pitbull when ya need one?.»

15 +1 FuckAmericanWhacks 2 months ago

«News: "There was a sudden, one-man peaceful protest downtown today"»

2 +1 Salinan 3 months ago

«he's just expressing his feelings»