Fatal Accident...No, AFTER the Accident. Poor Worker just doing his Job

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You cannot get anymore of a random death than that one.
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0 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 1 week ago

«Nobody ever suspects wood in a game of rock, paper, scissors»

6 +1 Worldwatcher 2 weeks ago

«That was bonkers»

2 +1 twinkletoes 2 weeks ago

«Incoming!!,,,too late»

4 +1 Mr_WaxonWaxoff 2 weeks ago

«He should've seen it, he was standing rate in front of it»

8 +1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«His number was up 100%»

8 +1 Dan 2 weeks ago

«Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction. And don't we know it from these videos»