I call Her my Supercharged Hot Rod Girl she gets Excited when I Come Over

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She can knock you unconscious if she turns around too fast.
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0 +1 LouSaneous 1 month ago

«Life isn't fair!»

0 +1 Dave63 1 month ago


0 +1 alias_villian 2 months ago

«equiped with air bags:sideways::silly::sideways:»

0 +1 Topper1975 2 months ago

«My upper back hurts just watching her»

1 +1 medfoto 2 months ago

«Q: What do fat chicks and Mopeds have in common?

A: They're both fun to ride until your friends see you on them.:woot:

3 +1 cdxlwatch 2 months ago

«So anyone on here know her name? I do. She's a porn star "big surprise" and unfortunately she only "dates" black guys.»

3 +1 Parkins 2 months ago

«@cdxlwatch They can have her»

0 +1 Dave63 1 month ago

«@Parkins her ass is so fat, it takes a mandingo to get the tip in.»

4 +1 Foo5ter 2 months ago

«"just give me 3 1/2 minutes; maybe even 4"»

1 +1 Parkins 2 months ago

«Sometimes .... there is just too much of a good thing. Anything more than a handful, just goes to waste. Plus, can only imagine when her top comes off. Willing to bet she wears those around her hips.»

2 +1 Iluvslutz 2 months ago

«I’d nut in 15 sec, prolly less»

3 +1 Salinan 2 months ago

«plz stay in your backyard»

5 +1 squeekytoy 2 months ago

«Talk about a BBW.»

0 +1 FrankKrank 2 months ago

«@squeekytoy As The Tubes would say 'She's a Beauty'»

3 +1 Ms.Blood 2 months ago

«All I can think seeing this is "ugh you're in your yard doing this?" "Wont someone plz think of the neighbors!?" Lol»

5 +1 SquidwardBussy 2 months ago

«@Ms.Blood she is thinking of the neighbours. She’s giving em a good show»