Morbidly Obese Lady Can't Stand or Fit in Her Car.... Clown World.

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Obesity is an outward expression of mental illness at worst or lack of self-control at best.

Why are morbidly obese people so rude to the people around them?

Shows narcissistic behavior. Act like victims

A woman this size was blocking my exit from the lift with my son. She refused to move

Fat people might be jolly, but the super morbidly obese are insufferable
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1 +1 CarlDane 4 days ago

«The "ONLY" thing "NOT" fake about this vid is this things "FATASS".!!!»

2 +1 CourtJester 5 days ago

«Lmao .... shes so sad that she did this to herself. Poor fatty needs to go for a walk, run, treadmill jog hahaha :P»

3 +1 slugzy 1 week ago

«The fat manatee ate that much at the mall, she cant get back in the chubb chariot!!!:D»

2 +1 FrankKrank 1 week ago

«Is she on OnlyFans?»

5 +1 VeryFamous123 1 week ago

«thing is if you go on holiday to america you will see that this is a regular sized woman»

5 +1 Horses4Eva 1 week ago

«When people get this big they're a clear threat to themselves and something needs to be done about it. Rather than a quick suicide they're working on their own, slow suicide.»

4 +1 ClownWorldAmbassador 1 week ago

«Looks like "My 600lb. life."»

1 +1 LogarithmicSp1r4l 5 days ago

«@ClownWorldAmbassador more like 1000 pound sisters..»

7 +1 hpygoluckyone 1 week ago

«This is faker than Melania's tits. So the fact that this person is a disgusting blob is true, but this is just a video, or something from a reality show to get likes and clicks to get attention to make a few shekels to buy more Twinkies and Ding Dongs. Think about it. How the fuk did that person drive that car to that spot and then go somewhere and eat SO MUCH that they now can't get back into the car that brought them there?!?? :blink:»

0 +1 Ms.Blood 1 week ago

«@hpygoluckyone ummm... like u said it's a show wouldn't someone place the car ask her to try getting in for videoing purposes?? Think a lil...»

6 +1 eyesore 1 week ago

«Overloading vehicle that's illegal. Trade it in for Hummer better yet 18 Wheeler»