Consequences Of Helping A Rapist Escape

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Description: On April 23rd, 2023, officers were dispatched in regards to a case of sexual assault. While searching for the abuser, officers called his girlfriend but they suspected that she was hiding something. Soon, one of the officer’s spotted the suspect escaping from the back window. Meanwhile, officer’s got hold of his girlfriend as well. The male was charged with 2nd degree domestic violence and rape while the female was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing investigation. #news -------------- Chapters and key moments: 0:00 Highlights 0:11 Rapist caught while fleeing 1:36 GF's Arrest turns messy 4:59 Neighbor's statement 7:30 Arresting me is illegal 9:00 Charges
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«American cops get a bad rap but look at the shit they have to deal with.»

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