What Could Go Wrong? Dude Attacks an Arizona Police Officer at Bus Station!

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Description: PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — A man is in the hospital after police said he attacked an officer, leading to that officer shooting him at a bus station in west Phoenix early Wednesday morning. Phoenix Police Sgt. Melissa Soliz said the unidentified man was acting erratically and disturbing people inside a building at the Tufesa bus depot near 27th Avenue and McDowell Road around 4:45 a.m. The first officer to arrive asked him to come outside to talk. Once outside, Soliz said the suspect started to “violently and physically attack the officer.”

The officer fired his Taser at the man, but he continued to fight. Police say the officer tried to take the man into custody when he turned around and kicked the officer, which caused him to lose control of his stun gun. The man got up and continued to attack the officer, who then shot at the man. He was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The officer wasn’t hurt.

This is the fourth shooting involving Phoenix police officers in the past five days. “We are all very aware of how many officer-involved shootings we’ve had. This is something that’s concerning,” Sgt. Soliz said. “Our officers respond to calls every day, all day that can potentially end up in officer-involved shootings or violence.” She added that it’s also important to note that many incidents end peacefully. Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell also addressed the increasing number of dangerous confrontations on Wednesday. “It speaks to the level of violence that police officers are facing,” Mitchell said. “They have an incredibly difficult job.”
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2 +1 -1 vic20 1 month ago

«Yourgh0stisagift - Thats just like the mentalpatients I have to take care of coming in drugged and wants to fight but gets mad when we are 4-5 ppl taking him down. It's not dickmeasuring we do... it's taking care of business.»

3 +1 -1 Rickyra 1 month ago

«I love cops rocked his ass how that .40 feel»

-23 +1 -1 Hard1234 2 months ago

«Yourgh0stisagift - You must be the dumbest motherfucker on the planet.»

-15 +1 -1 Lynseyfp 2 months ago

«The officer wasn't soft he shot him in case you didn't see. He could of had a knife or a gun and he charged at him several times. Put yourself in his shoes. You couldn't imagine the fear that comes with each interaction and not knowing if it will be your last. I salute the officer!!»

33 +1 -1 Yourgh0stisagift 2 months ago

«Police officers are so soft these days… you couldn’t use a baton or your fists against this anorexic dude? The guy couldn’t even fight either it’s not like a trained MMA fighter… you scared to get a black eye? Cops are such pussies. And I like cops… but come on really, pull your gun out that fast cuz you dropped your little taser? How about go to the gym. Learn to fight. Oh wait they already do that but still pull out their guns like pussies»

-11 +1 -1 wmr2 2 months ago

«That guy was dressed in the serial killer starter kit.»