Terror: FULL VIDEO: When the Cartel is Still in your Rear-View Mirror after Failed Carjacking

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The moment in which a father and his son suffered an attempted robbery on the Mexico-Pachuca Highway and the criminals shot at them when their robbery was thwarted.

In the video that was published on the social network He stopped in front of the victims, one of the rats came down but they decided to leave.

However, the driver of the truck decided to continue on his way immediately, so the criminals waited for them, let them pass, caught up with them and shot them, at that moment the co-pilot was wounded, in the same video the driver was already lamenting that the injured person turns out to be his son.

On June 28, on the Mexico-Pachuca highway, a tragic event occurred that just went viral on social networks and caused great indignation. It was an attempted robbery of a father and his son that culminated in the death of the latter. The events were recorded on video, which went viral and caused great indignation in social networks.
During the incident, the assailants, who posed as police officers, shot at the 17-year-old identified as Gonzalo, who was recording the attempted robbery. Gonzalo was taken to a hospital, but unfortunately lost his life due to gunshot wounds.

In the video, a man in a gray sweatshirt tries to stop a vehicle. From inside a pickup truck, the young man's father can be heard asking his son to record the incident. The man in the sweatshirt gets into a black Volkswagen Jetta and the occupants of the van follow him and record.

In the course of the chase, the Jetta accelerates and when they catch up, the occupants of the Jetta shoot, seriously wounding Gonzalo. The video records the father's desperate cries for help for his wounded son.

Information circulated on social networks about the alleged participation of a worker of the Mexico City Water System (SACMEX) in the attempted robbery on the Mexico-Pachuca highway.

Journalist Gildo Garza published on his social networks that the owner of the Jetta involved in the shooting was Marco Antonio L.R., identified as a SACMEX worker. Garza shared personal data of the alleged owner, including name, surname, RFC, CURP, address and job position.

In response, SACMEX issued a statement clarifying that Marco Antonio L.R. was a former employee of the agency, who died on October 29, 2022. SACMEX informed that they have in their possession a copy of the death certificate of the former employee and deeply regretted the incident, reiterating their willingness to collaborate with the authorities in the investigation.

"The name Marco Antonio Luna Reynoso, who is identified as the "owner" of the Jetta model vehicle involved in the mishap, corresponds to a former worker who was assigned to SACMEX in the Tunnels Office, a colleague who died on October 29, 2022, whose copy of the death certificate is in the possession of this Agency," it reads.

The authorities also went to an address in the Venustiano Carranza district, where the car with license plates Z72-BCW, in the name of Marco Antonio, was registered.

There, it was reported that the car had been sold two years ago to another person and that the change of ownership had not been made. This new information reinforces SACMEX's clarification, indicating that the vehicle was not in the possession of the deceased former worker at the time of the incident. It should be noted that the vehicle does not currently have a theft report.
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«I sincerely hope that some day the civilian population revolts against cartel rule. Unite you bunch of cowards. Take back your land. You're getting conquered and divided through fear. Unite, set up neighborhood patrols, get armed and show these cartels no mercy.»

11 +1 Tyranical 2 weeks ago

«Seriously, learn how to drive. If you've just had an attempted hijacking, get the FUCK out of there.»

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«The dad told him to record and made it obvious. The dad may have made it worse. Sad. :dizzy:»

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«@Hackintosh Recording it seems to be the cause of the shooting, at least in my opinion. I guess that's the "free will" part of living.»

2 +1 RJTheHorrorFan 2 weeks ago

«A drive by, drive by shooting.»

25 +1 Mark_ey 2 weeks ago

«Just another country where only criminals are allowed guns. Instead of that camera he should have shot that fucker»

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«Cool, the US should keep letting these faggot cartels in their country for sure.»

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«@Essohbe the Mexicans are strong enough to take back their land. With interest!»

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«@Crackkkills As a die hard liberal, and one who thins @Essohbe is a cuntservative cuck, even I gotta say you are out of your goddamn mind. It would be like Hamas attack Israel all over again: Fuck around and find out.»

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«@1mp0st3r Yeah the largest cartels in mexico rely heavily on mexicuck and joo-sa guv protection. The puppet masters wouldn't allow their cash crops and vassals who give them so much influence over a nation to go away easily. There would have to be a nationwide revolution in order to drive out these cartels and their slave masters. Most regular mexicans are probably too demoralized, divided, weak, and ignorant to ever be able to stand against their oppressors. And if they did i imagine the us and several other nations would join the war against them and label them terrorist and send in even more mercenary armies against them like they have in several other nations.»

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«@1mp0st3r with your cowardly liberal cuck attitude nothing would get done. It's a good thing it wasn't people like you who founded this beautiful place called America. You're as soft as wet bread.»

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«@Essohbe thank kuck boy trump for keeping his cronies from voting for any resolve at the border. Inbred retrumplicans can't comprehend this though»

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«These family YouTube channels are nothing but trouble. Dad get his son killed for views. R.I.P.»

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«Are there no moderators here how did this piece of silliness get through»