Model Big-shot Amber Rose SHOCKS reporter who asks why she’s voting for Trump:

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“We are voting for Trump because we are no longer brainwashed.”

There's that word brainwashed again
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:) 8-) ;( :D :( :O :P ;) :heart: :ermm: :angel: :angry: :alien: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: :devil: :dizzy: :getlost: :happy: :kissing: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: :unsure: :woot: :wassat:
0 +1 ChocolateMilk 3 days ago

«The two wings of the same bird of prey.»

5 +1 Phuc_Libtards 5 days ago

«"We're not brainwashed by the left".
Good for her!

2 +1 Elliot87 5 days ago

«Another big one is the classified documents Hur report that Biden had classified documents in 5 different locations, he was getting 8 million for a book and told his ghost writer this is classified, so be careful. It's financing that the american people would never know Biden had classified documents and was showing his ghost writer if Biden DOJ going after Trump for classified documents. Biden got off on classified documents because he's a old man»

0 +1 WonkasWilly 3 days ago

«@Elliot87 fuck biden, right in the neck.»

12 +1 Cripple 5 days ago

«I find it interesting that the younger celebs are finally seeing things for what the left is about.

The older ones, DeNero, Streisand, Whoopie, Joy, etc. have been brainwashed for so long there is no longer any hope for them to ever come to the realization just how effin' Marxist that have become.

2 +1 Jasondr91 5 days ago

«@Cripple Very true....»

16 +1 venomx7373 6 days ago


21 +1 OkieDokieSmokie 6 days ago

«Faggot libtards»

9 +1 CheeseyVaginas 6 days ago

«It is a downer knowing everyday people work towards the goal of total control over humanity :alien:»

4 +1 Hackintosh 6 days ago

«@CheeseyVaginas have you neen paying attention the last 4 years you fucken retard?»

2 +1 TheFullBeanz 6 days ago

«@Hackintosh he's a libtard, what do you expect? :D»

7 +1 CheeseyVaginas 6 days ago

«@CheeseyVaginas hahaha two dumb fucks reply to me even though we on the same side I think your little red hats are on too tight»

10 +1 1mp0st3r 6 days ago

«So one of hip-hop's biggest used dick sleeves has an opinion worthy of one of hip-hop's biggest used dick sleeves. It is no surprise nor news to anyone that Trump and cunservative republicunts get the stupid vote. Keep trying tho, champs.»

27 +1 JohnnyfromBama 6 days ago

«1mp0st3r, all of your post are extreme left and seem focused on letting everyone know you're the woke cheerleader for the liberal aisle. If you want to be heard, then you need to show you can listen also. Don't just mimick the news you like, but state facts that show everyone you're doing research to support a political ideology. Calling people names and reacting like a spoiled child won't win over anyone. Wise up, wake up, and open your eyes
: )

0 +1 WonkasWilly 3 days ago

«@JohnnyfromBama poor guy has Trump Tourette's, just a lot of cursing.»

18 +1 DILF13 6 days ago

«@1mp0st3r Chances are anybody hating on your comment could kick the shit out of you. You're probably sitting in your room in your parents house trying to sneak a smoke out the window while all you do is jerk it and go to your fast food job.»

3 +1 St3venJacks0n 5 days ago

«@1mp0st3r Oh well, conservatives aren't the ones pushing lgbt bs and the sexualization of children. Nor are we pushing open borders, anarchy, persecution of political enemies with the courts or NUCLEAR WAR with Russia. And don't forget your full on retarded president gifting hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine, while ignoring the American people completely, not to mention putting us that much further into insolvency at the same time. The left are enemies of not only the US, but the world.»

1 +1 wrath04 4 days ago

«@1mp0st3r Grow the fuck up, your old shitty pants leader is due for a nap, let him go, he's done, and so is his crack-head son. Retard.»

5 +1 luol-dengue 6 days ago

«Americans are genuinely retarded they're asking themselves how to find even more obvious Zionist plans to vote for»

0 +1 luol-dengue 6 days ago


13 +1 NurseMengele 6 days ago

«She is voting for Trump as she is a retard. Biden and the dems are bad, but the GOP are just puppets of Israel»

2 +1 phuckislam 6 days ago

«@NurseMengele Kennedy2024»

6 +1 Inaminute 6 days ago

«@NurseMengele Hey so Israel rule the world, but you would rather ISIS?»

6 +1 St3venJacks0n 6 days ago

«@NurseMengele You know nothing at all. The democrats and republicans are almost all infiltrators serving a globalist cause, wearing a "d" or "r" in front of their name, while on the same exact team. Israel has been taken over by those same types of globalist nazis. These nazis are spreading death with bioweapons, toxic vaccines, genetically modified and chemically polluted food air and water. They also push the lucifarian lgbt madness, and woke agenda to destroy civil law and order. "nursemengele" says all anyone needs to know about you.»

11 +1 Slayinu 6 days ago

«@NurseMengele fuk off libtard»

6 +1 xblumx 6 days ago

«@NurseMengele show your antisemetism more fucker. Israel is your friend not enemy. Go join hamas then fucker. Throw your iphone away - its made with zionist technology. You’re like a parrot - zionist this and that»

0 +1 NuggetsMcGee 5 days ago

«@xblumx If you take all the Zionist troublemakers and let us have our countries back, it might smooth things over.»

0 +1 Jasondr91 5 days ago

«@NurseMengele Jesus there's a fresh new batch of idiots on this site.....»

3 +1 BigJimsWornOutTireSale 1 week ago

«We will be at war with China by the end of 2025. We will enter war days, that's a hundred times Ukraine's daily drama due to so many mixed emotions, diversity, and classes of people in this nation. During that war, Russia will join us. Russia will join us. RUSSIA WILL JOIN US. Place that into your head, perhaps, send it to the back with the porn images, IDGAF. But remember.»

0 +1 1mp0st3r 6 days ago

«@BigJimsWornOutTireSale Spit that dick out and take your meds, grandma.»

13 +1 LordTorquemada 1 week ago

«Did he grab her pussy?»

2 +1 essence25 1 week ago

«@LordTorquemada Like old congressman Johnson?»

3 +1 landofwarriors22 1 week ago

«@LordTorquemada Ask your mom»

1 +1 LordTorquemada 6 days ago

«@landofwarriors22 he ignored my mom, he was busy with your dad»

1 +1 NurseMengele 6 days ago

«@LordTorquemada Most hookers like her that he has banged catch orange fever»