Mexico AGAIN..Last Footage of 10 Year Old Girl who was Sexually Assaulted and Murdered...(See Info Watch Full Video)

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March 31, 2024 1:20 p.m.
Man arrested for confessing to murder of Kevelin Sofia.

The disappearance of Kevelin Sofia Campos Pereira on Friday, March 29, shocked the population of Jardim Itaguaçu 2 in Campinas. The girl, 10, was last seen leaving her house around 11 a.m. to buy soda at a nearby store. Her mother's report to the police began a desperate search that culminated in the discovery of her body in a construction zone on Saturday morning, March 30.

Fernando Silva dos Santos , 32 years old and a neighbor of the victim, was identified as a suspect in the crime due to their similar criminal records. Neighbors and family members pointed him out as the person responsible, and after his arrest, Santos confessed to having abused and murdered Kevelin Sofia. He provided details about the crime, including the weapon used.

Two days after Camila's case in Taxco, Brazil, outrage is growing over the murder and rape of a 10-year-old girl who went to the store to buy soda and never returned.
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«Hopefully the guy is one of those we see in the cartel videos.»

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«Shame they didn't lay down some street justice on that fucker.»

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«Poor kid. Just trying buy some pop and enjoy life. I hope the monster that did it burns in hell.»

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