Public Schools vs. The Prison System

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Should really consider home schooling.
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4 +1 PinkiePie 2 weeks ago

«Prison is better because at least you can torture and kill your cellmate and blame it on the black guy.»

3 +1 Nanker_Phelge 2 weeks ago

«They stuck me in an institution
Said it was the only solution
To give me the needed professional help
To protect me from the enemy - myself

0 +1 Dave63 5 days ago

«@Nanker_Phelge a dark black past is my most valued possession.»

14 +1 GoonGumpas 2 weeks ago

«Sadly there‚Äôs more chance of getting killed in School in the US, than in a US Prison.»

1 +1 Dave63 5 days ago

«@GoonGumpas prove it.»

3 +1 Hangthatfucker 2 weeks ago

«Mask the folks in the joint if they would rather be in school than where they are»

0 +1 Hangthatfucker 2 weeks ago

«@Hangthatfucker ask..»

0 +1 Dave63 5 days ago

«@Hangthatfucker sucks there is no edit feature.»

6 +1 cdxlwatch 2 weeks ago

«Ask the prisoners where they would rather be. I think having freedom and opportunity is the key difference.»

0 +1 Dave63 5 days ago

«@cdxlwatch i really dont give a fuk what people in prison think.»

12 +1 Dr_at101 2 weeks ago

«These two things have seemingly similar aspects about them so they are the same.

Made by a moron.

0 +1 Dave63 5 days ago

«@Dr_at101 low hanging fruit.»