Police cannot Arrest a Man with a Knife until a Local Knocks Him with a Coconut

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Simply depending on the country if he shoots he goes to prison and on top of that they charge him for the bullets, they are more concerned about the lives of criminals than the lives of police officers and good citizens.
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0 +1 twinkletoes 1 week ago

«Coming to a local hood, pumpkin instead of coconut though»

4 +1 Mr_WaxonWaxoff 2 weeks ago

«What kind of gun is that?, what are they doing, give coconut man the badge, c'mon, he could have used the gun as a blunt weapon & beat the crap out of that guy»

13 +1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«What ammo is that cop using? Salt?»

0 +1 2Clockwork8 1 week ago

«@LouSaneous, more likely pepper

*that's sufficient comedy