Whatever situation she ever finds herself in. 'Merica!

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Selling girl scout cookies in Portland?
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2 +1 UKpitbull 1 week ago

«I wwonder what day of her debut massacre is.»

7 +1 PinkiePie 2 weeks ago

«Please shoot your shitty pedo parents.»

1 +1 HorsePerson 2 weeks ago

«"merica" lol that was created so Americans can mock their own without even knowing it. Very stupid.»

1 +1 DA2 1 week ago

«@HorsePerson Ya, because you know it's origin you moron. The original video is of a Dad showing his daughter can shoot - one of many. Now for pretending like you know virtually anything, smack yourself in the face 100 times stop for a second the beat the shit out of your mother for making the biggest mistake of her miserable life by not aborting you with a coat hanger.»

1 +1 Elitex7 1 week ago

«@HorsePerson Dumb foreigner»

3 +1 EndHumanity 2 weeks ago

«Yeah baby!!»

6 +1 aang69 2 weeks ago

«someone had fun at the range lmfaooo»

9 +1 Klackers2018 2 weeks ago

«I was taught gun Safety when I was 11, in a Police boys club in Sydney, Using air rifles, but the instructor used a .22 to illustrate. best thing that ever happened to me 50 years later when I needed a gun license, to inherit my grandfathers WW1 revolver heirloom, i was they only one in the Gun club, to pass the safety Test with a 100% score... teach em young, and it will set them right for life.»

17 +1 Pablocoo 2 weeks ago

«Well, at least she's not 300% overweight, like the rest of the country.»

3 +1 Schade27 2 weeks ago

«She’ll be legendary, if you only give ‘er a Fortnite.»

19 +1 jfk66 2 weeks ago

«She's now shooting .45, .380, .44 and cal12 shotguns...always fun to see her destroy stuff...»

6 +1 lordzedd 2 weeks ago

«Very light loads.»

0 +1 phergus 2 weeks ago

«@lordzedd 22 cals.»

24 +1 prince of trolls 2 weeks ago

«freedom is the only way now»

33 +1 s1driver 2 weeks ago

«She is ready for her first school shooting»

4 +1 phergus 2 weeks ago

«@s1driver She's ready for the great illegal alien hunt !.»

17 +1 GoonGumpas 2 weeks ago

«Well, schools are a warzone in America, so it makes sense to prepare yourselves for combat.

Only third world countries and America has children of war. Nice.