Moronic Cops in Ohio Storm The Wrong House, Toss Flashbang Into Baby's Crib

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A mother has claimed police raided the "wrong house" and deployed diversionary flash-bang devices that injured her 17-month-old son - leaving the infant in hospital with burns.

Police have offered a different account of what happened - saying they executed a search warrant at the correct address and the child was not harmed during the operation.

But Courtney Price shared an audio clip from her doorbell camera with Sky's US partner NBC News which she says proves otherwise.

In the recording, someone can be heard saying: "It's the wrong house". It is unclear who made the remark.

The warrant was issued for a teenager who no longer lives at the property which is rented by Ms Price's aunt and uncle - who have no connection to the suspect, NBC News reported.

Kevin A Brubaker, mayor of Elyria, Ohio, called the 10 January incident "serious and disturbing" and has ordered an investigation.

He released body camera footage on Tuesday night which showed police officers pounding the front door and shouting for the occupants to "come to the door" before using a battering ram, deploying the flash bangs and entering the property.
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1 +1 PinkiePie 1 week ago

«Why is the baby retarded and the mom looks like an extraterrestrial? Maybe they storm the correct house after all.»

1 +1 MiddayEnglishman 2 weeks ago

«Not the wrong house, the correct house just the perp wasn't in that day.

I hate the cops but like get it right.

Hope kids ok, dad must have been dangerous to warrant this response?.