Shock Video shows Man Choke Out then Attempt to Abuse Young Girl....but Karma for Him, is FAST

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The ending of this video seeing her IDing him made me smile.

Plus whoever #12 is a beast
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1 +1 cpartida 1 week ago

«I heard he fled to the US. Walked in right across the border.»

1 +1 wmr2 2 weeks ago

«I can't believe #10 wasn't there. There's almost always a #10.»

12 +1 prince of trolls 2 weeks ago

«While watching these videos, observing the surroundings, attire, and the apparent leisure time of these individuals, I find myself curious about their daily experiences. What are their sources of income? Have they engaged with literature, perhaps delving into a timeless classic, or explored fields within STEM? My inquiry isn't meant to belittle; rather, I'm genuinely interested in understanding if there's an aspect of their lives that offers value or inspiration.»

1 +1 MiddayEnglishman 2 weeks ago

«@prince of trolls Why so many rapes go unnoticed here you mean? we spend so much time lost in ourselves, do we notice anybody else?»

7 +1 munwon 2 weeks ago

«Only time when I wish I could live in a 3rd world shithole»

5 +1 s1driver 2 weeks ago

«Unlucky, couldn't dip his pecker one last time. Next time plan ahead amigo»

7 +1 EndHumanity 2 weeks ago

«Don’t cry little rabbit, grab a rusty screw driver and tear his eyes out. Then his tiny little almond balls. Then shatter each knee, one at a time. Then his wrists, followed by elbows and shoulders. Finally, his ankles. Then unfurl the sharp instrument. Use his name at every point. Let him carry this lesson to the next life.»

14 +1 FucYew 2 weeks ago

«Make it into a human piñata.»

6 +1 Dan 2 weeks ago

«L:ets go #12 great justice»