Muslim Dad Beats Daughter Unconscious For Making a TikTok Video.

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A Girl was beaten by her Muslim father during a live TikTok video she was making.

The girl wasn’t wearing a hijab or Niqab and got beaten by her father for going live with her head uncovered and she was wearing modern clothes.

The girl was punched and she was unconscious!.
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0 +1 AcidNiNjA 1 week ago

«Well this is the best tiktok video i've seen»

7 +1 sazamaza95 2 weeks ago

«This world would be a better place if every TikTok cunt gets a good ol' fashioned spanking and a sending off to the kitchen.»

31 +1 LordTorquemada 2 weeks ago

«Next week he'll behead her because he felt disrespected. Dumb fucking, backward, medieval cunts.»

19 +1 Lilbutterfly 2 weeks ago

«A TikTok video is nothing compared to what he’ll do if he finds her Onlyfans account LOL. Sick culture though.»

1 +1 Hfaragon 2 weeks ago

«@Lilbutterfly sick culture is people who watch or produce tiktok.
Rip Z generation

18 +1 PinkiePie 2 weeks ago

«He’s only mad because he knows he has to jerk off to his slutty daughter tonight.»

1 +1 Hfaragon 2 weeks ago

«@PinkiePie don't have sence and any grace. Go wash dishes stupidpie»

0 +1 Elitex7 1 week ago

«@Hfaragon foreigner»

0 +1 ubi 2 weeks ago

yes these turds are modern day representations of the arse that the religious beliefs of the world have come from - particularly regarding ALL religions in the stretch of land north of the map's
Egypt/Israel border.
While he wanks tonight,
This pus will only be able to view the destruction of his daughter.
The wife is already bashed to subservience.
scum scum scum

34 +1 Pablocoo 2 weeks ago

«This should happen to anyone who makes a TikTok video.»

2 +1 187leader 2 weeks ago

«She did something»

15 +1 wmr2 2 weeks ago

«She probably did a bunch of other stuff to piss off her parents before she tried to make the video. I have a sister that was a sh*thead growing up that didn't want to live under the rules of the house and caused nothing but trouble. No, my parents didn't beat her unconscious, but there were times I thought she deserved it.»

19 +1 angeluci71 2 weeks ago

«Muslims are hypocrites.»

1 +1 Hfaragon 2 weeks ago

«@angeluci71 hypocrites are all the new generarion of woke idiots.»

9 +1 prince of trolls 2 weeks ago

«AOC and the rest of the "squad" love this shit.»

18 +1 PabloPedroJose_29 2 weeks ago

«Yes, their qoran says TikTok is a vile sin! Forcing a nine year old girl to marry ugly old men is " Halal "»

1 +1 Hfaragon 2 weeks ago

«@PabloPedroJose_29 it is the same fucking thing you idiot. Tiktok is destroying kids brains.»

34 +1 TrueObserver 2 weeks ago

«The dad is actually trying to protect her daughter from the ho phase and for that he should be praised. Too many single moms in America financially draining the state and spawning hos and thugs.»

2 +1 Hfaragon 2 weeks ago

«@TrueObserver well said it»

0 +1 Elitex7 1 week ago

«@TrueObserver foreigner»

18 +1 Cockdeezle 2 weeks ago

«He fucked her when the camera went off.»

0 +1 Hfaragon 2 weeks ago

«@Cockdeezle do not proyect your onw family relationship. Unbrain monckey»

41 +1 BlackRoseBean 2 weeks ago

«If only all tiktok bitches would get beat relentlessly»

2 +1 Hfaragon 2 weeks ago

«@BlackRoseBean thanks your comments is the best, someone give the man a bear»

7 +1 2 weeks ago

«What an idiot, why do you write the headlines out of your head, what a racist, the whole story and what is in it is that she started cursing her sister and his mother and his father could not bear it so he hit him and the next day she went live as if nothing had happened and this is the name of her account on Tik Tok [zizi_barbie1]»

10 +1 Nutmeg50 2 weeks ago

«These muslims are phucking animals and should be treated like animals. Then again, the father was a way.....but not to beat the daughter unconscious. That's just wrong, even if she was probably acting inappropriately. Was probably a shock for the father to see that. What father want's to see his daughter carrying on like that.»

9 +1 BugsBunny2929 2 weeks ago

«Hahaha. They all stink like shit because they wip their assholes with their hands. ???? ????»

21 +1 scorpionsrevenge 2 weeks ago

«Muslims are a very peaceful people. Bull ????????»

14 +1 lordzedd 2 weeks ago

«"I'm not being oppressed!"»

36 +1 VEGASVINNIE 2 weeks ago


11 +1 flash1965 2 weeks ago

«a father of shit.»

21 +1 Skyhigh788 2 weeks ago

«If ur daughter wife gf is addicted to Insta u certainly wont have her love ever she better be abandoned or beaten up»

14 +1 sturmgewehr123 2 weeks ago

«Whores do not wear headscarves according to their religion.»

11 +1 twinkletoes 2 weeks ago

«Koran say, You Tik the Tok and Die. So cloistered just Dying to go full infidel an take it all off.»