One of the Wildest Conpspiracys of Them All, Yet, It Could be True

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I don't dismiss ANY conspiracy theories now.... no matter how whacky they seem.
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5 +1 EnricoDiego 2 weeks ago

«Oi dipshit! If your an english myte I will or maybe believe in you but, no! You sounds like a middle eastern or an Israeli shit!»

6 +1 Ms.Blood 2 weeks ago

«I'm Canadian so my opinion is just that, an opinion... however trumps only pro is one the media dont want you to acknowledge. Under trump's presidency no wars were started involving the usa which almost no other president can say! So ya hes an ass an idiot but he does intimidate the rest of the world...»

2 +1 Dave63 2 weeks ago

«@Ms.Blood trudeau or poilievre?»

1 +1 Ms.Blood 2 weeks ago

«@Dave63 canadas politicians are just dumb and the usa is simply our entertainment lol sorry eh»

2 +1 EnricoDiego 2 weeks ago

«@Ms.Blood Shut up cunt or just drop dead!»

7 +1 Pablocoo 2 weeks ago

«Trump is a draft dodging coward and whoever participated in the making of this video is really, really stupid.»

16 +1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«@Pablocoo You're a sad fool!»

12 +1 Kschroe 2 weeks ago

«@Pablocoo and you’re a racist, welfare receiving Biden puppet. What a non contributing zero you are.»

0 +1 Bjorn1066 4 days ago

«@Pablocoo very good faggot Donald j Trump is a God dammed national hero»

5 +1 medfoto 2 weeks ago

«MAGAturds either don't understand or refuse to believe that the Second Amendment was written with a Fascist Domestic Terrorist POS exactly like Traitor Trump, the probable Russian, Chinese, North Korean, and Saudi Arabian spy in mind. They just didn't know his name at the time.»

15 +1 dreamstate 2 weeks ago

«LOL OMFG this freak again. Nearly 4 years ago this retard was saying that Trump could time travel and he was going to arrest all the criminals in washington as he was getting ready to exit the White House after the election was stolen. Nice upload you idiot.»

1 +1 twinkletoes 2 weeks ago

«Just means whoever's holding his leash pulls the strings»

3 +1 St3venJacks0n 2 weeks ago

«As the story goes, Trump signed an executive order emergency war powers act in secret, making him head of the military and some other governmental entities. They say evidence of this, is that Biden keeps renewing acts that Trump set into motion, that are polar opposites of this administration's political stances. They say it's because he has no choice, because of war powers of a commander in chief.»

5 +1 dreamstate 2 weeks ago

«@St3venJacks0n only that's not the case. As we all know, because we have a memory, Biden has been upturning each and every order Trump gave since he entered the white house nearly four years ago. All of them.»