Some of the Beautiful Scenery we have in Miami

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6 +1 Hackintosh 2 months ago

«Whores arent worth it. A good wife thats freaky is 100000 times better.»

6 +1 Mr_WaxonWaxoff 2 months ago

«I hate that shaking crap, & I don't like big asses, but I would still fuck her silly, I've had sex with every race on Earth, they all taste the same, some of you guys are like stuck up women, ....., & or gay as fuck»

3 +1 Sbarllush 2 months ago

«fat cow....»

6 +1 Adolf_Dripler 2 months ago

«One trick pony. Face is fcked»

6 +1 Jamezz 2 months ago


0 +1 twinkletoes 2 months ago

«Should I hike that terrain or run it over with ATV?»

8 +1 Salinan 2 months ago

«throw that idiot off the balcony»

8 +1 TheFullBeanz 2 months ago

«:sick::sick: looks like she sits on her ass all day.»

13 +1 EatMyShortsYo 2 months ago

«I don't get it. I have never been a fan of gigantic asses and I don't know where that phenomenon started. :blink:»

1 +1 Hard1234 2 months ago

«@EatMyShortsYo Blame it on J-Lo. It just gives them an excuse to be fat. I'll take an aerobics instructor over these fat cows any day.»