EVIL: Black Thug picks Up Brick and Throws it at Little Girl buying Ice Cream

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What should this guys sentence be?
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8 +1 Charles Manson 2 months ago

«I would like to take a baseball bat to his head now»

16 +1 Butterdick_Jones 2 months ago

«Typical day in a sh1thole. Only a couple of nukes can fix these sh1tholes. :getlost:»

1 +1 Salinan 2 months ago

«where is mommy?»

23 +1 BlackRoseBean 2 months ago

«I'd have shot this guy so fucken quick»

22 +1 alias_villian 2 months ago

«stone him to death. or put him in cement»

37 +1 kkjr4494 2 months ago

«Yeah and everyone in their cars just sits there, even the guys on the street.. just keep walking. No one does shit. Sentence? Death by firing squad, along with everyone else in the video who didn't do shit and sat there like a bunch of junkies.»

2 +1 tomybest 2 months ago

«이 개새끼는 지금 어디에 있습니까?
대가리를 썰어서 뇌를 꺼내 돼지한테 줄려고 합니다