Celebrate Beauty: She Wore this on a First Date

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What would you think if the first date wore something like this?
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0 +1 ELCALIDAD 2 months ago

«:corazón: :corazón: :corazón:»

0 +1 alias_villian 2 months ago

«well be curious what she would wear on the second date:ermm::blink::woot::D:):heart:»

0 +1 alias_villian 2 months ago

«@alias_villian considering the fact their fake. i know the second they would be twiced the size and real my wish lol»

5 +1 TopMod 2 months ago

«Disgusting and a total turnoff»

1 +1 Adolf_Dripler 2 months ago

«I'd cum in that»

11 +1 TheFullBeanz 2 months ago


11 +1 St3venJacks0n 2 months ago

«Well, it looks like she paid a lot for 'em. It kinda makes sense she should put 'em in a display case.»

15 +1 jfk66 2 months ago

«Sweet face, but nasty artificial titties...no thank you.»

10 +1 Salinan 2 months ago

«maybe visit a psychiatrist»