Whoa, This is like a Video Game... Avoid Getting Crushed by Giant Pipes, Who's gonna Lose?

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Alos, Hey women...this job is 100% men, where are you guys with equal representation out here?
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0 +1 meinKlitorus 1 month ago

«Men doing Mens work:angry:»

2 +1 LouSaneous 2 months ago

«This is over 10yrs old»

1 +1 michealjordan96 2 months ago

«All that pipe,....a gay mans dream. Load after load,....those fags were in heaven.»

0 +1 ubi 2 months ago

«if those are loading then the workers are going to be getting a VERY SOLID workout for the day.»

25 +1 Salinan 3 months ago

«why are these fools standing around there it the first place? let the crane to the job»