Flight MH370 UFO ALL Videos PLUS

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2 +1 Butterdick_Jones 4 days ago

«Was this editing made from a 70s editing software? :woot:»

3 +1 patiochef 5 days ago

«anyone that thinks aliens come here needs to get professional help.»

3 +1 james57 5 days ago

«@patiochef And yet you're here?»

2 +1 Jonty500 1 week ago

«Alert CNN»

2 +1 graphicism 1 week ago

«Fake. Mick West debunked.»

4 +1 VeryFamous123 1 week ago

«so let me explain, the pilot's brother was arrested few days before the flight, he was a high official in the government, it was some child molestation charges, the pilot gets in the aire and calls through to police saying release him or he ditches the plane, they tell him fuk off calling his bluff and he goes and ditches it, he calls on that bluff, they dont want anyone to find the plane/blackbox as it will reveal the conversation and questions will be asked why didnt they let his brother go, at least until the twat had landed safely then arrest him, pretty simple to clarify all i just wrote»