Hamas and Islamic Jihad have 40k armed members.

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Hamas and Islamic Jihad have 40k armed members and 0 of them died while the IDF have reached the center of Gaza during intensive battles. Why cant you believe they have 0 combat losses while losing the war?
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4 +1 Horses4Eva 1 week ago

«The terrorist we need to be worrying about are the ones here at the wheel in our own country»

0 +1 ubi 1 week ago

«Why are SO MANY of the soothsayers for the Hamas ,
why are they
FAT rejects from regular social intercourse?

They appear to always - in every political stoush - always need to contradict and none of them have
ever been dict,
and many of them show a deeply disturbing tendency to
female-only values of guidance and governance which results in their only showing interest in the say so of women regardless of the actual value and sense of what is said.
Studying sociology is all very good but is totally irrelevant to discussing the fact the the Hamas are only there to wipe out what is effectively a sub-cult of religious beliefs.
This problem is not one of sociology but one of war, murder , personal discipline ,
politics and therefore lie and liars.
Statistics and analytical microbial research are just NOT relevant here.

0 +1 Dan 1 week ago

«He's saying that Hamas is made up?»

1 +1 kingofdeath747 1 week ago

«@Dan can't post link in comments. You can search the following on YouTube for the full video: Rep. Mast: Stop repeating Hamas’ lies»

1 +1 St3venJacks0n 1 week ago

«@Dan It didn't sound like that to me. It sounded to me like he was saying that there are more groups and even armed citizenry involved in terrorist plans. I mean, they teach kids to hate and kill jews from the time they can walk. It also sounded like they said the terrorists mingle with innocent people, which they've always done to get them killed for propaganda. They use hospitals, schools and neighborhoods to store and fire missiles, which I'm sure most people know by now.»

1 +1 MP-V 1 week ago

«@Dan He is saying that not all of those dead Palestinians are actually civilians like presented.

... yea, like we didn't know.