Knock on Wood..Bizarre African Punishment with Wooden Hammer

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No idea what this is called. Butthe others seem tobe enjoying it
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0 +1 Fred-Sanford 1 week ago

«Come on you all, Hammer Time :D»

1 +1 ubi 1 week ago

«toughen the moind.»

1 +1 Screwingyourmom 1 week ago

«Looks like a baseball bat and if he's trying to knock sense into him he needs to hit him in the ass where his brains are.»

5 +1 eyesore 1 week ago

«Most ineffective, Low brain mass with very thick skull. Needs more if desire to incapacitate.»

4 +1 FrankKrank 1 week ago

«Hot Butter !»