2 Chinese Kids Live Streaming get Sword Attack by Maniac. One of them lost a hand

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You can actually see his hand fall down in the very beginning of the video.
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2 +1 VeryFamous123 2 weeks ago

«broke Usain bolts 100 meter record by 5 seconds according to my rudimentary calculations»

1 +1 ubi 2 weeks ago

«This happened about May 2023.
There is back story.

these two were earlier in the day bullying and severely on the swordsman who was driven to madness by these two .
He was beaten severely by these two for no reason and they used something like a sword but probably a strong wood stick.
It may have been that there were more than a couple of incidents over time of these two bullying him.

There are other videos from 180degree different perspective and you can actually see the hand in one of them laying on the floor and with clear zoom to hand with bone poking from wrist.
These two may have not deserved the hand loss but they clearly were set up with their phone to watch for someone coming in from behind.
So I think they knew what they were doing to the mind of the kid who hit them.
They probably expected an assault of some kind in retaliation.
The kid came at them with a samurai sword from his dad's place.
Hence the swift clean cut.
The swordsman chased after the main purp of the bullying and who also lost his hand.
It may have been possible to re-sew his hand.
It has been done in surgery before but I don't know.
"Streamer Finds Out What a Sword Feels Like"@ theync shows this piece and a bit more tacked on as described above
There is another video showing the initial incident at a gaming online shop that caused the unhinge for the swordsman.

Apparently not life threatening but no word on restitch hand.

The one has a new name :

handy andy.

0 +1 Uzudu5401 2 weeks ago

«Hard to watch»

0 +1 Uzudu5401 2 weeks ago

«@Uzudu5401 when kids are involved»

2 +1 azertazertytreza@yahoo.fr 2 weeks ago

«he will still get a punch»

2 +1 Dan 2 weeks ago

«What’s the story on this we’re they killed?»

3 +1 The Seer 2 weeks ago

«Were they killed?»