I don't think the Sister on the Left was Having much Fun

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She dies like 27 times
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0 +1 LogarithmicSp1r4l 5 days ago

«Oh jeepers :unsure:»

1 +1 ClownWorldAmbassador 1 week ago

«She kept conking out like Bill Cosby just gave her a drink.»

0 +1 james57 2 weeks ago

«Jeepers those clams must be sore AF......not to mention the Sh*t shower on the ground :blink:»

8 +1 Sloppyseconds 3 weeks ago

«Hahaha that harness under her pussy nearly gave the poor cow a hysterectomy.»

7 +1 chechnya 3 weeks ago

«Not fake, go look at other sling shot ride videos»

0 +1 BigDikBandit 3 weeks ago

«@chechnya absolutely fake. She started pretending to faint before the ride even began, then during her first 5 “faintings” she was smiling. You should watch the other slingshot videos, you will see the difference. It’s the disorientation in the faces when they wake up. Something this girl didn’t have. Bet she got a ton of views though.»

4 +1 Numiah 3 weeks ago

«This is fake af. Hanging still and still passing out. Yeah right.»

7 +1 michealjordan96 3 weeks ago

«Someone else's pain or embarrassment is some of the best comedy.»

19 +1 The Seer 3 weeks ago

«Haha “she died like 27 times”»

0 +1 smokethewoke 3 weeks ago

«we need a live feed to this. do a women only night behind a paywall it would sell»

2 +1 ping1200 3 weeks ago

«What ride is that and where?»

10 +1 DA2 3 weeks ago

«LMFAO!!! :woot::woot::woot::woot:»

19 +1 Gorat1 3 weeks ago

«"Ok, one more!?"


15 +1 MP-V 3 weeks ago

«Laughed 10 times :D»