Leaked Footage of the Undertaker in High School

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Description: Gets knocked down, stood up like we just started while nursing great pain
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0 +1 Charles Manson 1 week ago

«I wonder what that was all about»

1 +1 alexxx 1 week ago

«i hope the white kid doesn't get shot for embarrassing that dude»

0 +1 Essohbe 1 week ago

«Not the undertaker, the Undertaker can actually fight.»

1 +1 A_shit_I_dont_give 1 week ago

«There is a lot of kids videos here. There is a pedo vibe floating.»

0 +1 Grimdark 1 week ago

«@A_shit_I_dont_give And yet you remain, and still comment like a little troll that you are, if you believe this is getting a peado vibe, then why are you still here, you dumb cunt.»

10 +1 CanadianBacon 1 week ago

«Did that little fuck really trying escaping while he was on the floor where was he gonna go the the next toilet over ? Pussy ass I love how dude grabbed the fuck pulled him back and just starts smashing his face would of been nice if he would of dropped a few elbows and cut the little fuck open well done.»

3 +1 Grimdark 1 week ago

«@CanadianBacon Yes, nice to see the little black faggits getting their karma. They can never fight one on one, always fight in gangs, scum bags.»

2 +1 ALP777 1 week ago

«Would be ok if he cut his hair?...He can't even see the Spade?»

5 +1 Nanker_Phelge 1 week ago

«He's like George Chuvalo. Just stand there and let the other guy beat on him until he tires out, then let him have it.»

12 +1 Jasondr91 2 weeks ago

«This is called crossing over into retard/angry mode. This long haired white did just don't smell like Marlboros. This kid is like Jason in Friday the 13th.....he can't be stopped. Jamal had him early on, then Dale flipped the switch and went to Jamal's ass. Good times.....»

4 +1 HelloMonkeyyy 2 weeks ago

«@Jasondr91 Probably autistic»