9-year-old Wows Londoners with public piano performance.

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1 +1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«When you don't give your kids a cell phone or video game they actually learn real skills...»

0 +1 A_shit_I_dont_give 2 weeks ago

«OK. Who gives a shit really. It s a one time shit you are supposed to enjoy it on the moment. That s the whole point of putting piano's there. Enjoy the moment . Not record it and get some views on Internet.»

0 +1 chechnya 2 weeks ago

«@Give_a_shit_I_dont Have you ever considered stepping in front of a train?»

3 +1 jfk66 3 weeks ago

«Street-musicians/-magicians usually are extremely annoying. Talent aside, I don't want to be bombarded by countless music styles during a short walk
in the inner city of any bigger town or any train station. They often gather large crowds as well and block the way...Still slightly better than beggars.
This young lady has talent though!

2 +1 Dan 3 weeks ago

«Lovely, I would love to see a live performance like this»