Female Lifeguard from the Matrix....She's Not Real

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Description: Robot?
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4 +1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«No matrix here. Just a stoned white girl.»

2 +1 Dan 2 weeks ago

«Such a bizarre video»

3 +1 cpartida 2 weeks ago

«The NAVY uses a similar tactic onboard aircraft carries, called FOD (Foreign Object Debris) walkdown in their hangers to ensure not even a single nut, bolt, or washer is missed. Missing parts on a plane could spell disaster or even end up sucked up into an intake.»

3 +1 cpartida 2 weeks ago

«This is normal for lifeguards. It's called scanning. Checking every inch of the area so no area is missed ensuring no one who could possibly be in danger is missed..»

1 +1 gmlloyd96 2 weeks ago

«Just fishing for views.. “nO MaAM yOU ArE nOT REEaLL”»

3 +1 _e5 2 weeks ago

«Just a scanning pattern lifeguards use.

"Lifeguards should utilize both scanning patterns to help keep them focused and alert and alternate them every 5 minutes or so. Start by looking at the bottom of the pool or under the water then at the surface. Then scan the activity of the patrons around the beach/pool deck." - thelifeguardstore

19 +1 Whitemyass 3 weeks ago

«Maybe she's having a medical condition?? This stupid black lady all she cares about is humiliating someone and fucking views .»

20 +1 Schade27 3 weeks ago

«Oh no, shes real. Real fucking high.»

23 +1 Fazer0 3 weeks ago

«She’s fucked up on something retards»