DAMN: Tourist Filmed Being Eaten By a Shark.

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Description: In a shocking turn of events, an Egyptian tourist had a terrifying encounter with a shark while swimming, and the incident was caught on camera. Onlookers near the scene could only watch in horror as the dramatic event unfolded, with screams for help filling the air. Stay tuned for more details on this alarming incident.
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0 +1 glycerin 3 weeks ago

«The problem with trouble is that it starts out as just good fun. :devil:»

0 +1 ALP777 3 weeks ago

«Beaches Closed No Swimming!..By order of the Amity.»

1 +1 michealjordan96 3 months ago

«It was a loan shark trying to collect on a debt. They had it coming.....he's a dead beat.»

9 +1 TopMod 3 months ago

«"Oh my goat! Oh my goat!"»

2 +1 peoplearestrange 3 months ago

«Very sad»

8 +1 Rickey 3 months ago

«Follow up: the shark play with the body for hours until a boat came in and netted the shark out of the water and onto the sand where it was beaten to death. There is video of the incident you can see a hook inserted into one of the shark’s eye.»

8 +1 Rickey 3 months ago

«I personally don’t swim on open water I guess I love my appendages too much.»

10 +1 DeoxyRiboNucleicAcid 3 months ago

«U wanna swim with sharks you dumb fuck!! Reap it!!!»

5 +1 evisarator 3 months ago

«No I hope the shark can digest trash..»

13 +1 ejbr 3 months ago

«stuff of nightmare»

1 +1 Salinan 3 months ago


56 +1 cyberfuck556 3 months ago

«"oh my god on no what is tihs" let me just keep filming thouh. like bitch stfu and let me watch the video you dumb bitch»

7 +1 bluwahffle 3 months ago

«Thanks Darwin»