President Trump Responds to BS Indictment & Calls It 'A Hoax'

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Description: What a shame coming after this guy with everything just so he doesn't run again...they are in total fear of this man
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7 +1 Zrider 3 months ago

«Man i miss trump. Hes been saying shit i wish i could to the world. Hope trump gets another 4 years in office.»

13 +1 evisarator 3 months ago

«TRUMP2024 And you voted for Vegetable in chief mumble tumble ..»

-19 +1 Damien-Holland 3 months ago

«Most of you stupid asses voted for this guy don't pretend you didn't.»

-17 +1 deadtedw 3 months ago

«Fuck that POS. Hope he rots.»

10 +1 graphicism 3 months ago

«Talk about a hoax... ...All presidents on both sides work together to trick a nation into a particular direction. Do not be fooled by this crap.»