WTF: Man Brutally Beats His Wife and Hits Her With a Stick for not Listening

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Description: Pretty toxic relationship going on over there in India
Categories: Crime & Lawlessness
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2 +1 wmr2 3 months ago

«Hopefully she has a couple of brothers that can make things right. No woman should ever be beaten like that. If she did something really wrong just leave her behind, go on with your life, but don't beat her up. Unless she hits you first.»

8 +1 cyberfuck556 3 months ago

«hes beating her up cuz she said his dick is too small»

7 +1 cyberfuck556 3 months ago

«average life of a indian women lmaoooooooooo.»

6 +1 Parkins 3 months ago

«And this ladies and gents, is where the original saying "rule of thumb" came from. This fine gent is clearly in violation.»