Thug on the Run Tries to Shoot Cop in His Cruiser, Gets Turned into Roadkill

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Description: ST. LOUIS (SLCPD) – On Wednesday, February 21, 2023, St. Louis County detectives were involved in a use of force that left one suspect suffering from a non-life-threatening injury.

At approximately 2:15 pm St. Louis County police detectives observed a 2016 Ford Explorer with expired temporary license plates driving recklessly on Halls Ferry Road near the intersection of Jennings Station Road in the city of Jennings.

Detectives watched the speeding vehicle enter the Halls Ferry Circle and then travel west on Riverview Boulevard. Officers attempted to get behind the to conduct a traffic stop. However, due to the suspect’s manner of driving, they were unable to do so until the vehicle turned northbound on McLaran Drive from Riverview Boulevard.
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«Just some innocent black man walking down the street minding his own business!»

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«It’s about dam time,excellent.»

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«Boys on da hood.»

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«That’s so degrading lmao»