Tyrese Gibson Says The Industry is Trying to 'Normalize The Devil'

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Description: Hollywood is run by the devil 100% demonic evil
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2 +1 Hackintosh 3 months ago


9 +1 evisarator 3 months ago

«He's not the first actor to come out and say it.. Everyone go look up what happened to martin when he started talking about it.. And the people that say there's no such thing as the devil. Then how come music and hollywood have mainstream shows about it remember the oscars.»

-12 +1 graphicism 3 months ago

«Devil worshippers are still Christian because they invented the devil. Christ is a creation of Rome for control and conquer.»

-1 +1 WienerStrangler 3 months ago

«He might get sacrificed sooner rather than later talking like that.»

-20 +1 medfoto 3 months ago

«Haha! There is no such thing as the Devil.»