Retired Man Preaching the Bible Arrested for Hate Speech (UK)

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Description: See how 3 of the ‘gestapo’ police in the UK treat an old man who is preaching the word of god.
Hear the police woman mention ‘hate crime’ then the policeman say “you need to come down or we’ll pull you down”.
He’s then arrested & led away.
Would it happen to a muslim preacher?
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-8 +1 lordzedd 3 months ago

«Religion is based on hate. Literally the bible starts by telling the jews how they are chosen and its ok to enslave anyone that isn't a jew.»

-4 +1 graphicism 3 months ago

«The Romans invented Christ for control and conquer and now it's time for them to invent a new God. Out with the old and in with the new.»

7 +1 nleeklee 3 months ago

«glory to god no matter what. jesus is lord and messiah. amen.»