NEW Video Seems To Show Maricopa Officials Breaking Into Sealed Voting Machines

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Description: New *video evidence* of Maricopa election officials illegally breaking into sealed election machines after they were tested, reprogramming memory cards, and reinstalling them.

59% of these machines would shut down on election day in GOP areas.

They’ve been CAUGHT.
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6 +1 FreeAccount8008 3 months ago

«If you’re going to commit voters fraud at least turn off the cctv and use a burner laptop. Dumbasses. Good luck in court.»

7 +1 evisarator 3 months ago

«This guy's not president... I would not vote for a racist and I can give you. Thirty quotes of what Bidumb said that's racist.»

-9 +1 Hard1234 3 months ago

«This must be from website.»

12 +1 graphicism 3 months ago

«Like it matters when both sides are working together. The Left vs Right paradigm is an absolute scam on the American people.»

2 +1 Grimdark 3 months ago

«Soooo, which side do they swing, tranny lovers or Christians? I'm not clued up on all the detailed political jargon, so that's why I'm asking.»