The most Important Video you Will Watch. Millions Were killed with Covid for profit.

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Description: This is the most important video you will watch this year. Millions were killed with Covid-19 for profit.

“Covid-19 was an act of biological warfare perpetrated on the human race. It was a financial heist. Nature was hijacked. Science was hijacked.”
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18 +1 -1 Mistaky 2 weeks ago

«The truth is out, a virus was used as a catalyst to bring in a global technocracy and depopulation. The people of the world are being victimized by a group of evil, mega-rich, power hungry, technocrats. The question is,”How long are we going to let it go on?” When is it time to exercise our right to overthrow this govt? The Declaration of Independence was written for a reason. This is it.»

19 +1 -1 Itsamadworld 2 weeks ago

«It was obvious from day 1... anyone who trust the government are absolute idiots!»

14 +1 -1 BlackRoseBean 2 weeks ago

«Even with members of my family being vaccinated, I hope everyone in the world that was stupid enough to accept the shot dies. Less traffic and stupid people.»