Police Beg 16 Year Old Robbery Suspect to put Gun Down... He Doesn't

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Body camera footage released by Toledo police Tuesday in the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old robbery suspect shows multiple officers pleading with the teen to drop his gun before he pointed it at officers and was killed.

16-year-old Jameson Turnbull was shot multiple times Friday after police say he robbed a Dollar General store on Phillips Avenue, which led to a standoff with officers in a nearby neighborhood. Police Chief Michael Troendle during a Tuesday news conference identified eight officers involved in the incident.

The video shows multiple officers telling Turnbull to drop his weapon, about 10 times total. Officers can also be heard asking him his name and trying to convince him he isn't in serious trouble.

"You haven't done anything that bad," Officer Benjamin Woody said. "All you have to do is put the gun down...you're not in that much trouble...you have a long life ahead of you...you'll probably get released to your parents."

Seconds later, multiple officers opened fire. One of the angles appears to show Turnbull raising the gun towards officers in a "shooting stance" just before several shots are heard.

Troendle did not say how many times Turnbull was wounded. An autopsy performed over the weekend determined he was shot multiple times.

"No officer wants to take another person's life," Troendle said. "They're trained to preserve life - including their own. The suspect took actions that put their lives in danger, and residents'."

Officers immediately ran to Turnbull and began life-saving measures. Officer Woody appeared to attempt to handcuff Turnbull, but a female officer intervened and rolled him over to began chest compressions.

"Standard policy is once we get somebody on the ground, we try to cuff them," Troendle said. "She was cognizant enough at that point to say, 'No, let's not cuff him. There's no need. Let's try to save his life.'"

Less lethal options, including foam rounds, were considered. However, Troendle said the shooting happened before the officer with the foam rounds could retrieve them from their vehicle.

The shooting was captured on one camera from a distance. Officer Woody's lens was obstructed by a tree.

Just before the standoff, a shot was fired by Turnbull at officers. A bullet casing recovered matched the handgun in Turnbull's possession.

Troendle said he didn't know how the teen obtained the weapon.

The other suspect in the robbery, who was arrested by police, is the 15-year-old brother of Turnbull.
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