Cop car decides its had enough. Just runs over a bunch of people standing in its way.

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Description: If crowds block cars on roads, the cars should be allowed to run them over. Just sayin... They CHOSE to stand there, surrounding the car even though the driver gave clear warning of wanting to leave. That in itself is kidnapping.
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1 +1 -1 soupofdefish 21 hours ago

«I would pay to here from those run over.»

4 +1 -1 B33LZ3BUB 6 days ago

«I dont know if its kidnapping so much as it is false imprisonment. Either way, he could argue that he felt his life was in immediate danger.»

13 +1 -1 KevinSprout 1 week ago

«We need Him for President, not Trup or Binladen»

11 +1 -1 LouSaneous 1 week ago

«Well....if you are j walking it is not illegal if you are run over.»

22 +1 -1 FuckTheUSALGBTQ 1 week ago

«Don't stay in the way retards:ermm::ermm:»