Conspiracy Theory Suggesting Kobe Bryant Was Killed by Big Pharma Due to his Lawsuit

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Description: The amount of evidence they have linking the big pharma companies he was suing to his death is still pretty loose, but the fact it happened just 3 days before the lawsuit and the weird way it happened... Yeah... seems VERY suspect now.
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0 +1 -1 ThePantyRaid 1 month ago

«If the commercial with Kobe Bryant with the crashed helicopter behind him and at the end saying "black mamba never ends, heros come and go but legends live forever" isn't enough proof hit was planned idk what is»

-10 +1 -1 Hard1234 2 months ago

«"Conspiracy Theorist" is just another term for a large, talking bowel movement.»

-5 +1 -1 Damien-Holland 2 months ago

«You guys make a conspiracy out of EVERYTHING doesn't matter how far-fetched. Remember when you said Covid and 5G were related? You're pulling these ideas out of deep within your ass.»