Donald Trump Calls Out Biden & Global Elites!

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Description: "His Own People Said He's Never Made A Good Decision"
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1 +1 -1 B33LZ3BUB 2 months ago

«I doubt your moms hardly like you. Let alone some dumbass with a toupé.»

-1 +1 -1 B33LZ3BUB 2 months ago

«You guys are braindead, lol.»

1 +1 -1 Shootsteel 3 months ago

«Never to us a lie»

-1 +1 -1 LouSaneous 3 months ago

«Eliminate term limits. Trump 2024»

-1 +1 -1 Hard1234 3 months ago

«Doesn't this mindless fucktard know he's one of the elites? You're a sucker if you think a billionaire gives a shit about you.»

-17 +1 -1 deadtedw 3 months ago

«What a lying piece of shit. If you believe anything this asshole says, you're a fucking retard.»

4 +1 -1 ZeitgeistTruth 3 months ago

«Can't wait. Pædo Joe needs to go back to the ALC where he belongs. His puppeteers have had enough fun watching him sniff little boys, rub little girls and fall down every week. It is time for another geriatric patient, one sadly far more competent than he, to take the reigns and deliver us unto oblivion!»