Paul Pelosi's Bizarre Hammer Attack Bodycam Footage Released After Court Order!

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Officers arrived at the front door just after 2 a.m. following the 911 call placed by Paul Pelosi from his upstairs bathroom, and when Pelosi opened the door, officers saw him standing next to the intruder, identified as David DePape of Richmond. The body-camera video — which was released Friday following a court order that came from requests for the footage from multiple media organizations — can be seen below. An officer says, "What is going on right here," and then, "Drop the hammer." DePape can be heard saying, "Nope!" And within seconds, after Pelosi struggles to hold onto the hammer and says, "Hey hey hey!", DePape gains control of it and swings the hammer, and the physical contact with Pelosi occurs just off camera beyond the doorframe. Afterward, as we heard from court testimony and when the video was played in open court last month, the footage shows Pelosi on the ground, and the sounds of snoring can be heard. DePape is on the ground and an officer can be heard yelling, "Give me your fucking hand!"
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2 +1 Buck_Naked_at_My_Desk 12 months ago

«A threesome that got outta hand.»

2 +1 Yamnayan_shaman 1 year ago

«You're telling me somebody like Pelosi can't afford a boytoy. Moreover I don't see how anybody could pass up on Nancy after seeing that photo of her on the beach.»

1 +1 R3dOne35 1 year ago

«I'm getting error for the vid and countless others. Any clue how to fix this?»