Karen Steals Chair From Student, Student's Dad Delivers Some Equal Rights

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Description: Just check out the smug look on the face of this Karen after bullying a young teen out of his chair.

When the big man, supposedly the father tries to take the chair back, the Karen made the huge mistake of assaulting him.

She got a lesson in equal rights, right across her jawline.
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1 +1 -1 OnePieceluffy 1 week ago

«Good if they attack you attack them back it's self defense idc if it's a old person or a frog»

0 +1 -1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«There's obviously more to this story the video is missing.»

3 +1 -1 D5318RD 2 weeks ago

«Good man gave this slut a good punch she was lucky he didn't decide to do more, women if you try to fight a man please be fucking hard as nails or you will be knocked the fuck out.»

5 +1 -1 mygodimhigh 1 month ago

«Why does it turn me on that nobody gave a shit as she lay crying?»

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0 +1 -1 NumNum 1 month ago

«Video not loading for me.
Cunt website.

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9 +1 -1 Caribbean ├Źn The House 1 month ago

«Smh to all the females please stop throwing the first punch at men who'll retaliate back.»

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8 +1 -1 BigY 1 month ago

«Fantastic delivery»

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8 +1 -1 ThumperOG 1 month ago

«I swear women have been bowed down to for too long. It's time they return to their old ways of knowing they are not stronger than men. At least kids were growing up right, now kids are fucked because they want to choose careers over them.»

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13 +1 -1 Dragondeeznuts 2 months ago

«Equal rights, equal fights»

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3 +1 -1 Abla Boo Boo 2 months ago

«Fuckiinnggg fuck»

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10 +1 -1 CHENANGO 2 months ago

«Rightfully deserved, what a f****** cunt!!! If she wants to play that game again she's gonna find out a whole lot more.»