KARMA: Woman Kicked in The Face After She Threatened Her Husband With a Box Cutter

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Description: Gotta love instant justice.
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1 +1 MiddayEnglishman 2 months ago

«The old dude that's already seen this happen 6 times already.»

5 +1 LogarithmicSp1r4l 3 months ago


7 +1 fatsquirrel 5 months ago

«Man! I love when karma is captured on cameras!»

10 +1 Hackintosh 6 months ago

«Asked for it :D»

14 +1 SnaKe814 7 months ago

«LOL deserved»

12 +1 D5318RD 8 months ago

«Not so tuff now are you bitch, shouldn't do shit you can't back up»

9 +1 JAYO201 8 months ago

«you get exactly what you pay for»

-2 +1 cicuecalo 9 months ago

«Qué bárbaridad»

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23 +1 GreenEandH 9 months ago

«All bark until she gets bit, then she has to play victim to get sympathy from the people around her. What a garbage human»

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27 +1 ThumperOG 9 months ago

«Keep it up men. Soon they'll stop acting like we're going to just sit there and take their abuse»