Houston Thug Shoots up a Tesla During Crazy Road Rage Incident.

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Description: <p>WTF is going on in Houston? Are they trying to show NYC whose boss? Houston is fast becoming one of the most violent cities in America and the road rage capital to boot. A Tesla owner in Houston, Texas is lucky to be alive after a road rage suspect opened fire and shot at his car multiple times. The entire incident was captured through the Tesla’s on-board cameras, with the footage helping to identify and arrest the suspect. The incident occurred on Sunday, September 25 at about 8:30pm when the Tesla owner Chris Harclerode was driving home from the airport. Harclerode told ABC13 News that he noticed a pickup truck driving aggressively behind him on Westpark Toll Road. Footage captured from the rear camera shows the truck accelerating, swerving, and tailgating him, coming within inches of hitting the Tesla’s bumper. That’s when the truck driver pulled alongside the Tesla and through the open window pointed his gun at Harclerode.</p>
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