Houston Woman Has Acid Thrown in her Face by Unknown Man Inside her own Apartment.

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Description: <p>HOUSTON – A Montrose woman is recovering at Memorial Hermann Hospital after some sort of chemical was poured onto her face. Angela Helinger, 53, told KPRC 2 she has undergone four surgeries to try and repair the damage done to her head and face. “I relive this every day, I mean I cry every day and want to know what I did to deserve this. It’s very painful,” said Helinger. Helinger said she was attacked on Sept. 9 in her Montrose apartment. “When I woke up, my kitchen light was on and he came over and started pouring some acidic fluid on my face. I closed my eyes as tight as I could I had no defense,” Helinger said. “Eventually from the pain, I passed out and then when I woke up, had a clue of what happened because I couldn’t open my eyes.” Helinger said the attack didn’t stop there, she believes the person responsible rearranged her furniture and blocked the front door so that she couldn’t get out and ask for help. She claims two days passed before she was able to escape.</p>
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