One of The Worst Female Pedo Teachers Ever is Sentenced to Just 6yrs

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A teacher who manipulated multiple 15-year-old boys and had a child with one of them, was sentenced to jail.

30-year-old Rebecca Joynes was found guilty of six counts of s*xual activity with a child in Manchester.

While she was out on bail for r*ping one of the boys, she had s*x with another boy whose child she gave birth to.

She gave birth to the boy in early 2024, but the child was taken from her within 24 hours.

The birth came after the first boy's mother found out about the relationship after she saw a bite mark on his neck, prompting her to storm into the school reception.

The second boy's impact statement was read in court where he said he would "argue until I was blue in the face protecting [Joynes] and would not hear a bad word against her."

"I was coerced, controlled, manipulated, s**ually abused... [This] was a very dark time. I felt backed into a corner. I had just lived a double life for 18 months behind my family’s back."

"This had a massive mental toll over me and my family. It tore my family apart, they struggled to come to terms with the fact they sent me to school, where they believed it to be a safe environment, and this happened as a result."

Joynes was sentenced to 6 and a half years.
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16 +1 Motherfocker78 2 weeks ago

«I will argue as a man that boys and girls are very different in every way. Uh boys that age want their hot teachers in sexual manner. It's not rape unless the boy told her to stop and she tied him up and forced herself on him. That like rarely happens. Now when it comes to 15 yr old girls men either manipulate them or force them or drug them. 15yr old boys don't have to be forced or coerced into sex... Now some might but most 15 yr old boys are absolutely willing and seriously want an older woman to ravage them. That's just reality folks»

7 +1 AthelwulfOfNordHymbraLand 1 week ago

«@Motherfocker78 You obviously have never heard of school girls talking about their male teachers lustfully.»

12 +1 Numiah 2 weeks ago

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I had a crush on my female teacher, she was hot af!

6 +1 madmonkeh 2 weeks ago

«nasty (in a good way)»

4 +1 Elwapito14 2 weeks ago

«I wouldn't mind a parent teacher conference with her.»

25 +1 DonChampignon 2 weeks ago

«FFS, it’s not rape when a hot chick does it. I know it should be but it’s just not.»

2 +1 Crackkkills 2 weeks ago

«@DonChampignon it really isn’t if the boy hit puberty already. If you say different you’re a homo»

38 +1 WessyD 2 weeks ago

«where were all these young hot sexed up teacher when i was in school...?:ermm:»

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15 +1 Salinan 2 weeks ago

«maybe she was a biology teacher»

2 +1 WessyD 2 weeks ago

«@Salinan yeah, it could of been sex ed»

11 +1 Essohbe 2 weeks ago

«So, does she need conjugal visitors?:heart:»

24 +1 AMDPasqually 2 weeks ago

«FFS, these retards calling 15 yeard old young men "children" are the ones who should be jailed.
Such levels of imbecility and delusion should be illegal and criminally charged.

7 +1 jlysty 2 weeks ago

«@AMDPasqually pedo alert xD»

12 +1 FucYew 2 weeks ago

«You mean one of the best.»

31 +1 Twist_Of_Cain 2 weeks ago

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7 +1 Smores69 2 weeks ago

«male pdos also dont get high sentences.... because that seems to be the average hobby of rich assholes who dont wanna rot in jail when caught..»

14 +1 BaconSandwich 2 weeks ago

«It wasn't "multiple 15yr old boys", it was two. The second boys impact statement doesn't sound like he was protecting Joynes - he dropped her in the shit!»

36 +1 LordTorquemada 2 weeks ago

«Sentence her to my place for six years.»

54 +1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«I wish when I was in school that a female teacher would want to fuck me. What kind of stupid idiot runs their mouths on that??»

6 +1 KillerManJaro 2 weeks ago

«@LouSaneous The idiot teachers use text messages that get read»

9 +1 BaconSandwich 2 weeks ago

«@LouSaneous Their mothers made them tell the cops»

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«This female teacher is a saint compared to the pedophile prophet Muhammad, who married a 6-year-old Ayesha.»

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