Not a Single US Flag on 4th of July Parade at Washington Park in NYC

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This is pathetic
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:) 8-) ;( :D :( :O :P ;) :heart: :ermm: :angel: :angry: :alien: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: :devil: :dizzy: :getlost: :happy: :kissing: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: :unsure: :woot: :wassat:
1 +1 Twist_Of_Cain 1 week ago

«Whoever fucking left me messages, threatening me?, you're a pathetic bitch, the shit we write on TheWorldWatch got you all murdery?, really?, & you think who you are is better than anybody in these video clips? That's like Big Pharmacy believing they aren't the biggest Drug Cartel. If you need threaten somebody that writes in a comments section?, & you think yourself to have all the human emotions to qualify as a Human Being?, you're an animal, just like the sick animals in these video clips, why the fuck do you think you're any different?, because who YOU think should be murdered makes you different?, that's a lot of stupidity to swallow. I'm not going to read the low ball IQ mouth flatulence, I don't care who you are?, grow up, you can be like the animals in the video clips?, or you can be with everybody else?, nobody gets both, you don't get to wish death for the masses, then advocate your humanity. Hitler murdered tens of millions of his own race, & robbed their gold & artifacts, & slave labor, the last slaves were European, it's on fucking film»

3 +1 Happyman71 1 week ago

«They all have a long ride home coming soon.»

8 +1 Nightrider2.0 2 weeks ago

«Nice work Democrats! Enjoy! :devil:»

10 +1 fuckyormum 2 weeks ago

«what fucking bullshit»

6 +1 Flying_Dutchman_1960 2 weeks ago

«What the do these idiots think? This has nothing whatsoever to do with Independance Day.»

34 +1 MrRenfield 2 weeks ago

«Send them all to Palestine and everyone will be happy!»

22 +1 ScottNW63 2 weeks ago

«30....even 20 years ago, this would have been disturbing among the 'sane' to witness. But, too many are all just frogs that were put in a pot of cool water and the heat slowly turned up. Boiling point is not far away. Say goodbye to America as we knew it.»

3 +1 OkieDokieSmokie 2 weeks ago

«@ScottNW63 the other half are armed waiting for the culling»

22 +1 Salinan 2 weeks ago

«Biden did this»

13 +1 Essohbe 2 weeks ago

«Id parachute in there and mow them down with a rifle.»

20 +1 Southcentraltimes 2 weeks ago

«They cellebrating that terrorist attack they did in 1975 on July 4th all them is terrorist supporters»

3 +1 BlkBlk 2 weeks ago

«Zio propaganda»

9 +1 PatrioticAmerican 2 weeks ago





6 +1 Disknave 2 weeks ago

«@PatrioticAmerican You are stupid»

2 +1 Nightrider2.0 2 weeks ago

«@PatrioticAmerican Wow! the TDS is strong with this cuck^»

23 +1 GayeKundt 2 weeks ago

«F@ck Palestine.»

24 +1 phuckislam 2 weeks ago

«ship ‘em to Gaza and bomb the boat

3 +1 medfoto 2 weeks ago

«Convicted Felon Traitor Trump, the Russian spy, and Putin's fellatio boy, is pissed because they aren't flying Russian flags.»

8 +1 ScottNW63 2 weeks ago

«@medfoto TDS Muppet . Must be sad to live with such rage and clueless direction in life.»

2 +1 Nightrider2.0 2 weeks ago

«@medfoto So easily TRIGGERED!»

14 +1 Disknave 2 weeks ago

«I want to line them all up and bitch slap every single one of them»

28 +1 NyHyLySM 2 weeks ago

«Fk Palestine»

13 +1 2old2die-original 2 weeks ago

«Fucking sad»

5 +1 Smores69 2 weeks ago

«Well qatar is paying them to wave the flag and scream dumb shit, nobody is paying for murican flags»

18 +1 ChrisP.Bacon 2 weeks ago

«If there was a US flag there - they would be stepping on it.»

23 +1 LordTorquemada 2 weeks ago

«This is so fucking wrong.»

24 +1 Blindeel 2 weeks ago

«More proof of the Marxist takeover brought to you by the left, their strategies have been a resounding success. For the few who don't know, here are some of their methods starting with DEI to ensure whites are replaced. Teaching whites to hate themselves, using Marxist techniques such as critical race theory. Using Marxist foot soldiers such as Antifa and BLM. The Marxist takeover of universities, corporations, and government institutions. Dismantling and degrading anything proudly white. Whites are taught to denounce their heritage. Unconscious bias training. Removal of statues and books.Equity ambassadors. Insidiously assisted by left media giants and woke self-loathing liberals. Whites are being replaced in the safe white civilizations that they created by those who hate us and desire a weak country that is easy to control.»

3 +1 KillerManJaro 2 weeks ago

«That 'by all means necessary' quip is a favorite of he Zionist»

29 +1 Selfish_Stockton 2 weeks ago

«Can we bomb them?»