40 Arrested Illegals all Burn in Cell when Fire Breaks out and Guards Don't Help (Mexico)

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This happened last year but some footage just came out.

In one of the videos analyzed by investigators that had sound, a woman in an INM uniform is heard sending text messages while she said, “We are not going to open (the cell) for them, I already told those guys.”

Forty men were killed and more than two dozen were injured in one of the deadliest incidents involving immigrants in Mexico's history. Investigators put the blame for the incident on the migrants who set the blaze and the guards who failed to help them. The United States urged immigrants to take heed of the tragedy and pursue legal methods for entering the U.S., without acknowledging that some of those caught in the fire were attempting to do just that when they were detained. However, an examination by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune underscores that it was the foreseen and foreseeable result of landmark shifts in U.S. border policies over the last decade, by which the Trump and Biden administrations put the bulk of the responsibility for detaining and deterring staggering numbers of immigrants from around the world onto a Mexican government that's had trouble keeping its own people safe.

From the way the guards were acting, this may have been on purpose
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«They lit their mattresses on fire»

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«This is really old. That fire was fast, I don't fault the guards too much because the same guys that would do that would cut you down in a heartbeat. Sucks for a lot of people though.»

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«It's ok, there's millions more where those came from.»

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«Shitsico is allowing the sewer countries below it to pass though their outhouse to the US border. Fuck biden fuck shitsico»

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